Anonymous asked:
why the fascination with animals

animals are wonderful creatures. 

Anonymous asked:
Your eyebrows look good. Do you do them yourself?

thanks. maintain them and fill them in… 

Anonymous asked:
Can I just tell you that you have inspired me to stay alive because everything is beautiful? I hope that made sense to you ;-;

amazing. I’m so glad i have helped you in such a positive way. keep on keeping on 

Anonymous asked:
How many years awesome are you?

i guess you would say 24 haha 24 years awesome? 

Anonymous asked:
What is your ethnic background



numbskiies asked:
Where do you find inspiration? Your work is just mind blowing. (Just found out you have a tumblr btw)

dreams, imagination, constantly looking at other peoples artwork. thank you so much! =]

Anonymous asked:
How much does a lip piercing hurt? yours looks pretty badass tho :P

wasn’t bad the first time at all. the second time after it closed half way hurt a little more. thank you! i take it out sometimes too ha

jennythompson asked:
hi marry me. and also lets shoot when im in CT!!!

hi yes!!! and yes yes!!


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